A lot of you come here as a result of my tattoo posts, so to make things easier I put it all together for you.

Alice In Chains Eye
Part of the artwork from the Alice in Chains “Dirt” album – indicative of my love of all things grunge and a small piece of a much larger intention. My first tattoo. Done by Dustin of Ink Gallery Tattoo, Madison TN. March 2004.

Anubis – inspired by my pervasive melancholy and interest in Egyptian lore. Planned as part of a larger body of work, Anubis is still the only one to materialize. Done by Dustin of Ink Gallery Tattoo, Madison TN. May 2004.

Rose – inspired by the piece of Chicagoland graffiti in the header graphic here and inscribed by Gary, formerly of Jade Dragon Tattoo, Chicago IL. May 2005

Atlas Shrugged
The oath from Atlas Shrugged -It says “I swear, by my life and my love for it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” It’s in my own handwriting. It’s the objectivist equivalent of a tattoo of Jesus, in my opinion. Done by the fabulous Joy of Jade Dragon Tattoo, Chicago IL. September 2005.
Teal – A literal interpretation of a green-winged teal. My middle name is Teal, for the cinnamon variety. This one was a reminder of who I am and how I got here. Done by the talented Tim of Icon Tattoo, Nashville TN. February 2006.


An ambigram (reads Saint from the viewers’ perspective, Sinner from mine). Done by Hambone of The Missing Piece Tattoo, Spokane WA. May 2009.


The intro to Outshined (modified due to space constraints). Done by Mike of Body Jewelry Plus in Auburn, WA. March 2010.


33 responses to “Tattoos

  • Odin

    Loved finding you via an Atlas Shrugged Movie google search… I’m a bit jealous. 🙂

  • Muse

    The Rand tattoo is just gorgeous. I think I’m in love =P


    I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don’t have suck a writing skills

  • Solas

    I’d marry you in a heart beat. love the tat, found you searching for an Atlas Shrugged print called “Self Absolution of the Titan” by Bryan Larson. i like to use it for my profile pic on various sites.

  • Diana

    Just wanted to say I LOVE your Rand tattoo.
    I have the first line from Anthem on the left side of my back.

  • Miranto

    Now i’ll have to read the book.

  • Blushark

    I landed on your belly with an Atlas Shrugged search myself. The subject matter is a hot topic due to recent events which seem in many ways to parallel the “utopia” that Ayn Rand warned us of. I’ll be brief, but in closing, what a book, what a tattoo, and my lord what a tummy!!!

  • pyroincus

    I was actually looking for the quote from her book that became the title. Something like “what would atlas do…” “he’d have shrugged…” I’m almost through reading the book and don’t want to reread it just to find that spot where it says that. Any help??
    By the way, the quote I had forever imortalized on my bod is from a Steppenwolf song, any guesses? Hint-it fits a biker lifestyle more than an objectivists one, although they are errily simular now that I think about it…

  • chris

    Now that is how all contracts should be done.

    I found your tattoo searching for Atlas Shrugged.

  • Epidemic

    Also found you while on the AS image hunt, trying to set up a tattoo concept of my own with a combination of elements, but I need to break away from all my other work, which is substantial and of a different style. I sympathize with you on that side work, I’ve got a good amount of it myself and I know it’s not very…pleasant. Rock on –

  • Avro

    It is absolutely the objectivist equivalent of a tattoo of Jesus.

    I’m sure you must have got more requests to draw tattoos based on Atlas Shrugged. If so, do share with us.

  • Rayj

    This may just have inspired me to get my very first tatoo ever…and I made it though 4 years in the Marines without getting one! I love the uote and live it, but you’ve totally taken it to the next level. Love ya for it:)


    I too stranded upon your site, image search, Atlas Shrugged… Though my intentions were not the tattoo of the quote, however it may find it’s place in time, and therefor space someday. I apprecitate your likeness to this as the equivalent to a religious relic.

    Pg 1011″Yes, this is an age or moral crisis, Yes, you are bearing punishment for your evil. But it is now man who is no on trial, and it is not human nature that will take the blame. It is your moral code that’s through this time. Your moral code has reached it’s climax, the blind alley at the end of its course. And if you wish to go on living, what you now need is not to return to morality—-you have never known any—but to discore it.”

  • Clinton

    I’m trying to find some artwork to go with an Ayn Rand quote myself. It’s nice to find a fellow objectivist. Although I stumbled across your work by accident I love your art.


  • Rorschach

    I found it also by searching for Objectivist tattoo ideas. Thank you for posting it. I’ll store it in my mind, where I value it.

  • Michael

    @blackorburningsun: To avoid missunderstandings: “Wahnsinn” normally means Insanity but in this conext it has the meaning of “amazing” or “awesome”. See here or also here 🙂 .

  • Atlas Shrugged the Movie « So Halt

    […] Das ist der totale Wahnsinn. Sie hat sich tatächlich den Atlas Shrugged Eid auf den Bauch tätowieren […]

    • blackorburningsun

      The previous comment says, according to Google Translate:
      “This is total insanity. [She] has the Atlas Shrugged tattoo on her belly can.”

      I got a good laugh out of that.

  • Rory

    I am getting Reardon Steel on my arm. I love the Oath idea though, it is my “signature” for my emails. Stay strong through this socializing of our country.

  • will powers

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the atlas shrugged tattoo – if I ever met a woman and saw that on her I am not sure how I would deal with that level of sexiness 🙂

  • Alex Scott

    This is one of the first hits on google images for Atlas Shrugged. Congratulations!

  • blackorburningsun

    Also – I’d love to know how you guys are landing here. I can’t remember the last time I updated this site. (Not that I’m complaining; I do enjoy your company. I’m just surprised at the number of visitors.)

  • russ

    great Ayn Rand quote. do you have a myspace or facebook page?

  • Joseph

    I am in love with the oath. Ive always wanted to get a tattoo of it, and its amazing to see that someone has actually done it. I like it a lot, very “noble” of you. I only have one tattoo myself, but after seeing it, I just may have to get it. Not sure about my stomach (Im male ^.^;) But it definitely is something that touches me deeply, still sends chills down my side. Kudos on that one.

  • Sam

    I like the idea of the Rand quote, but it’s incorrect. The oath reads, “I swear by my life and my love OF it…”

    Did you do that intentionally? If so, my bad.

    • blackorburningsun

      In the years I’ve been sporting this particular piece, you are the only person to have pointed that out. It was unintentional – I was presented with the unexpected opportunity to get inked by one of Jade Dragon’s Master Artists, and I wrote it out for her from memory. As you can see, I got it wrong. (lol) I’m cool with it though…it makes it that much more “mine”.

  • Aladdin Sane

    The rose looks really nice, but the frontal picture of the Atlas Shrugged quote may be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen… Due in no small part to the sexiness of simply having a quote of Atlas Shrugged tattooed on one’s self.

  • Carmine

    ❤ Atlas Shrugged tattoo.
    Looks great, love it.

  • Bret

    I too love both Objectivism and Anubis. Rock on.

  • Kevin Fisher

    I too was searching Atlas Shrugged images, and was pleased to see someone else with A.S. tattooing. I intend to get a Tron Recognizer (lg on back) with “John” down one side and “Galt” down the other. …And “Federalist” on my forearm. Wanted these for years, so I must want them bad enough to do it! *L* Just wanted to give a nod to Rand tattoos, have a chipper day!

  • Shanley

    WOW I like that rose tattoo on ur side..
    Did that hurt at all??

  • Nicky

    I was actually searching for the icon on the front of atlas shrugged and it brought me here. I just recently got my first tattoo, Roark on my forearm. I think Ayn rands philosophy is amazing and its awesome to see others that feel the same way.

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